Sharing your mental health woes with others has benefits, but the one thing that is guaranteed to set me into a spiral, is the assumption that I’m having an irrational bout of anxiety when I’m actually trying to make a valid point in a discussion/debate/argument. I mean, being honest maybe I have a hard time keeping my emotions in control when I feel passionate about my point, but it doesn’t mean the point I’m making isn’t valid. 

I admit wholly that I can be irrational and get upset easily, and I’m way too sensitive to criticism… but actually I’m also intelligent, I read a lot, watch a lot of documentaries and keep up with current affairs. I have some valid opinions and knowledge to add. 

It must be hard for others distinguishing between something that’s about to tip me over the edge, and they’re a damn sight better at seeing it in me than I am, but the frustration at not feeling heard is infuriating. 

Of course, then there’s the complex question of: is it because I need their validation? So many questions. It’s a big mass of spaghetti in my head and it’s hard to see what’s what. 


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